#GivingTuesday supports community

By Dan Davis / President & CEO

So, you have plans for enjoying Thanksgiving Day with family, friends and a big dinner. Check.

You have plans for shopping Friday for family and friends on Black Friday. Check.

You have plans to make some more purchases when you Shop Small at local businesses that Saturday. Check.

And you have plans for yet more shopping online during Cyber Monday. Check.

That it? Well, we hope not.

The Community Foundation of Jackson County asks that you consider giving to local charities – including the endowment funds we administer – on #GivingTuesday, this year set for Nov. 29.

The event is an international effort to direct attention to the needs of charitable programs here at home and around the world during a time when so many folks seem more attuned to spending on wishes and wants rather than the needs of others.

#GivingTuesday, however, can be – and really should be -- about much more than one day each Christmas and holiday season. We ask that you consider pledging to do more next year. Perhaps give a certain amount every month to a charity, such as Community Provisions, or pledge to volunteer every month with an organization such as Big Brothers Big Sisters or maybe Anchor House.

We hope that #GivingTuesday spurs you to help others through bigger, better and smarter charitable giving during this upcoming holiday season and throughout the coming year. You could make a donation in a loved one’s name rather than buying them yet another bowtie, blouse or blender.

Or you could start a new fund in the memory of a loved one, perhaps one that benefits a particular charity or church or provides general granting for community needs. The Foundation has matching dollars available for the creation of new funds as we plan to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2017. Call me at 812-523-4483 and we can talk about that opportunity. And by the way, we’re planning a Silver Anniversary bash the night of April 8, 2017. Be sure to save the date.

We ask that you consider making gifts to the Foundation's unrestricted funds. The earnings from the funds help finance our Fall Grant cycle, when charitable organizations across our community apply for grants to help with important programming needs that touch the lives of people of all ages in all corners of the county. Just last month, the Foundation awarded 18 Fall Grants totaling more than $38,000.

You could also make a donation on #GivingTuesday to any of our more than 140 other endowed funds, including those that finance scholarships each spring or benefit area agencies such as the Jackson County History Center, the Jackson County Public Library, Boys & Girls Club of Seymour, Girls Inc. of Jackson County, Turning Point, Child Care Network and Jackson County United Way.

I’d be happy to speak with you about donating to one of the funds or perhaps starting your own. Either way, your gifts to endowed funds can benefit others in perpetuity, a gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving to help make a difference.

You can also donate on line by clicking on the DONATE button near the bottom of our home page.

We also encourage you to keep an eye out for the Foundation’s annual Holiday Gift Guide. It includes a list of all of the Foundation’s funds and offers information about how to give. Information about #GivingTuesday and gifting opportunities may be found on our website and our Facebook page.

Thank you, and on behalf of the Foundation staff and our Board of Directors, we hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and that you have a wonderful holiday and Christmas season.


Dan Davis is President & CEO of the Community Foundation of Jackson County. The Foundation administers more than 140 funds with assets of more than $10 million. For information about how you can make a donation to any of the funds administered by the Foundation or how you might start a new fund, call 812-523-4483 or send an email to Dan Davis at president@cfjacksoncounty.org.

Girls Inc. grant tackles peer pressure

Sue Nehrt, right, presents a Fall Grant check to Ginger Schneck of Girls Inc. of Jackson County on Tuesday. The $3,000 grant from the Foundation's unrestricted funds will help finance the Girls Inc. Friendly PEERsuasion program that is presented to all public and parochial school eighth-grade classrooms in Jackson County. The grant was one of 18 awarded through the Foundation's Fall Grant cycle this autumn.


Fall Grant supports History Center

Trish Butt, right, presents a grant check from the Community Foundation of Jackson County on Wednesday morning to Bill Day and Gloria Cross of the Jackson County History Center Board of Directors. The History Center received a grant of $1,960 for the repair of stairs at the Heller Museum in Brownstown. The gift was one of 18 awarded through the Foundation's Fall Grant cycle. Trish Butt is a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors. Did you know that the History has an endowed fund at the Foundation that benefits the center? For information about donating, call 812-523-4483.


Harvest programs aid community

Jackson County farmers and tractor aficionados are invited to participate in the annual Giving a Gift of Grain program and the Head-to-Head: Green vs. Red contest.

Donations support the Green or Red team and benefit the community through funds administered by the Community Foundation of Jackson County.

Donors can again take sides in the program in a good-natured competition by voting for the Green or Red team – that is those farmers who use John Deere equipment versus those who use Case I-H equipment.

Jacobi Sales Inc. and Wright Implement of Seymour have teamed again to park equipment pitting Green vs. Red in the Foundation’s parking lot at 107 Community Drive in Seymour to remind farmers about the Gift of Grain program.

The Green team won last year. The Red team won the inaugural contest two years ago.

D&B Pfaffenberger & Sons Grain of Seymour plans to make a gift again this year to the Gift of Grain program. The donation is meeting a family obligation, Neal Pfaffenberger said.

“What good is it to have money if you don’t help others?” he said. “We try to give what we can to help the less fortunate. The Bible tells us to give 10 percent.”

Like last year, the Pfaffenberger & Sons votes will be split evenly among the Green and Red teams.

Hamilton Township farmer Donald Schnitker gave a gift of grain last year and intends to participate again this fall.

“I think it’s a unique way for a farmer to give to the Foundation,” Schnitker said. “Instead of just giving money, I’m giving part of what I do.”

Schnitker’s vote will back the Green team again.

The Red team will receive a boost from farmer Ed Engelau this fall, just as it did last year with his donation.

“We see it as a good way to help others,” Engelau said of the program. “We’ve been blessed, and this feels like a good way of paying that forward.”

The Gift of Grain process is simple. Farmers can tell their grain elevator that a particular load of grain is being donated to the Foundation. The elevator in turn sells the grain for the Foundation. Donors to the Giving a Gift of Grain program can benefit by avoiding the sale of the donated grain in their farm income.

Jackson County grain elevators include Bundy Brothers in Medora, Premier Ag in Brownstown and Cortland, Tampico Grain near Crothersville and Rose Acre Farms west of Cortland.

Farmers can contribute their grain to benefit the area’s agricultural community through funds such as the Jackson-Jennings Co-Op/Bob Myers Memorial Scholarship, the C.B. Hess 4-H Memorial Scholarship or the Jackson County Veterinary Scholarship.

Or they can donate to the Jackson County Community Endowment, which provides funding for the Fall Grant Cycle, said Dan Davis, President and CEO of the Foundation.

“The Fall Grant Cycle benefits people and programs across Jackson County, responding to emerging needs and programs designed to help nonprofits assist others,” Davis added.

The Pfaffenbergers direct their donations to the Community Endowment for that reason.

Tractor enthusiasts who don’t have grain to donate to the program can instead cast a ballot in the Head-to-Head Green vs. Red competition. A $20 donation to the Jackson County Community Endowment entitles the donor to cast one vote for their favorite equipment line. A $100 donation entitles the donor to six votes.

Gifts to the Green vs. Red contest may be mailed to the Community Foundation of Jackson County, Post Office Box 1231, Seymour, IN 47274, or they can be dropped off at our office at 107 Community Drive. You can also donate online at www.cfjacksoncounty.org.

Another option available to donors is to create a new unrestricted endowment in the name of themselves, their family or their farm that would also provide income for the fall grant cycle. For information, call 812-523-4483.

For information

For information about the Head-to-Head Green vs. Red program, the Giving a Gift of Grain program, or its companion program, Giving a Gift of Livestock, contact Dan Davis at the Community Foundation of Jackson County, 812-523-4483, or send an email to president@cfjacksoncounty.org.

How to donate

Gifts to the Green vs. Red contest may be mailed to the Community Foundation of Jackson County, Post Office Box 1231, Seymour, IN 47274, dropped off at our office, 107 Community Drive, Seymour, or made online at our website.

 ABOVE: Mike Pfaffenberger of Seymour transfers soybeans last autumn from his combine to a trailer during the 2015 fall harvest. D&B Pfaffenberger & Sons Grain donated soybeans last year to the Community Foundation through the Gift of Grain program.


Library receives grant

Andy Royalty, left, of the Community Foundation of Jackson County presents Library Director Julia Aker and Jackson County Public Library Board Vice President Josh Bartley of Norman with a $1,099 grant check on Monday (April 18). The Jackson County Public Library benefits annually from a fund administered by the Foundation. The Jackson County Public Library Fund was created in July 1998 with a $5,000 grant from the Board of Directors when Jim Roberts of Seymour was its president. Donations since, including several from the Friends of the Library, have increased the fund’s balance to nearly $24,000. Aker said annual grants from the fund have made improvements at the libraries in Crothersville, Medora and Seymour. Supporters of the Jackson County Public Library may make donations to the fund as memorials, to mark milestones in their lives and through their planned giving strategies. For information, call the Foundation President & CEO Dan Davis at 812-523-4483.

Agency fund grants aid nonprofits

Annual grants from endowed agency funds administered by the Community Foundation of Jackson County assist operating and programming expenses for a number of nonprofits in Jackson County.

Recently, Priscilla Wischmeier, below, left, a member of the Foundation of Jackson County Board of Directors, presented an agency grant check to Mindy Taskey, center, and Holly Sipe of Child Care Network of Jackson County. The grant is from the Child Care Network Inc. Endowment, an agency fund administered by the Foundation.

Individuals, businesses, groups and other organizations may make donations to the fund  -- and others -- as memorial gifts or planned giving to benefit Child Care Network and its important programs serving the youth of Jackson County.

The Child Care Network Inc. Endowment was started in February 2008 with an initial gift of $4,000. It has since grown to more than $9,000.

Other agency funds provide annual support grants to Girls Inc. of Jackson County, Jackson County History Center, Jackson County Public Library, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Community Provisions of Jackson County, Turning Point Domestic Violence Services, Jackson County Industrial Development Corp. and Jackson County United Way and Boys & Girls Club of Seymour.

For information, call Dan Davis with the Foundation at 812-523-4483.

Fall Grant assists Freetown Museum's expansion

The Freetown and Pershing Township Museum is growing again.

A grant from the Community Foundation of Jackson County will help fund the expansion of the museum on State Road 58. The annex includes the addition of a former café, which houses many of the museum’s artifacts of Freetown and Pershing Township.

The grant was one of 20 awarded recently by the Foundation through its Fall Grant cycle.

In the photo below, Gary Meyer, right, of the Community Foundation of Jackson County Board of Directors presents a grant check to Sharon Yost, president of the Freetown Improvement Association, and Russell Fritz. At left is Dan Davis, the Foundation's President & CEO.

For information about donating to the Foundation, call 812-523-4483 or visit online at www.cfjacksoncounty.org.

Grant aids Turning Point

A grant from the Community Foundation of Jackson County’s Fall Grant cycle will help Turning Point Domestic Violence Services deliver services to Latino families in Jackson County. In the photo below, from left, Turning Point President Lisa Shafran and Charlotte Moss, the Jackson County Community Service director for Turning Point, accept a Fall Grant check from Foundation Vice President Sue Smith and Board Member Ron Sibert. The grant was among 20 granted totaling more than $43,000 approved by the Foundation through this year’s Fall Grant program. So far this year, the Foundation has awarded than $344,000 in grants and scholarships.


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