About Our Foundation

The Community Foundation of Jackson County exists for the betterment of Jackson County, Indiana. Seymour, Freetown, Clear Springs, Wegan, Brownstown, Crothersville, and Medora – all of the towns within the county, and all of their inhabitants, deserve to see upgrades, improvements, and community enhancements that can keep up with the times. And that is just what we are aiming for.

As a local foundation, we rely on the generosity and philanthropic efforts of both locals and visitors alike. With your charitable gift, The Community Foundation of Jackson County can provide much needed funding for scholarships, grants, community projects, and many beneficial initiatives. What is more, with each new success in funding, endowments, and disbursement, we can devise new ways to give and make it easier for you to be able to choose HOW you give.

What does that mean?

As it stands now, donors who want to give have a range of options, including: monetary gifts, securities, real estate, personal properties, bequests, life insurance policies, and more. We’d like to greatly expand that list to help Jackson County and its people, but we need your help to do it.

You can help us in our mission to promote philanthropy in Jackson County, and bring much needed financing and ideas to our Foundation and its Board of Directors. Together, we can grow tomorrows and ensure that Jackson County remains a beautiful and thriving place to live and work.

Conference Center

The Community Foundation of Jackson County offers local nonprofit organizations the opportunity to meet at our facility. Designed to function as a community meeting place, the Conference Center is versatile enough to convene most small to medium sized meetings with seating for up to 50 people.

To make a reservation, please call the Foundation office at 812-523-4483.

Eligibility Criteria

Jackson County non-profit organizations and other organizations at the discretion of the Foundation, may request to use the Conference Center. Groups must usually be tax exempt [501(c)(3)] to be considered a nonprofit organization. For profit organizations and businesses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are allowed in the conference room. If you bring in food, please make sure all spills are cleaned up, tables are wiped down and all trash is thrown away. It would be very much appreciated if you would take your trash with you for disposal. The Foundation does not supply food, drinks or catering services.


There is no fee for nonprofit organizations. However, a donation to the Foundation is appreciated from other organizations and businesses using the conference room. All catering costs are the responsibility of the host organization.

Key to Premises

The host organization is responsible for picking up and returning the key used to access the Foundation premises.
If the key has not been picked up by 4:00 p.m., the host organization will need to make other arrangements for their meeting or event. If the key is lost, the host organization will be charged a $25.00 replacement fee.  

Upon completion of the use of the Conference Center, please return the key to the Key Box in the Conference Center or to the Foundation’s front desk.

Smoke-Free Building

The Community Foundation of Jackson County building is a smoke-free environment. 

Host Responsibilities

As a host organization we expect you to notify a Foundation staff member if there are spills of any kind in the Conference Center, restrooms that need attention, or anything else you see that needs our immediate attention.

Feel free to arrange the tables and chairs to best suit your purposes, but we do ask that you return them to the original configuration when your meeting is ended.
Before leaving the building, please make sure that all the lights are turned out, the coffee pot is turned off, and the thermostat is returned to its initial setting.

If these tasks are not taken care of, the Foundation does not guarantee that your reservation requests will be accepted in the future.

Ethical Standards

The Foundation presumes that all organizations hosting events at the Conference Center will uphold high ethical standards without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender preference, age, origin or handicap.

Tax & Legal Information:

The Community Foundation is a public non-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible to the maximum amount allowable for gifts to a public charity. If you have concerns about the legal or ethical operation of the Community Foundation of Jackson County, you can be directed to a confidential process through our corporate attorney.

For more information about The Community Foundation of Jackson County, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 812-523-4483 or contact us by e-mail at info@cfjacksoncounty.org.

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