The Why and the Ways to Give with The Community Foundation of Jackson County


There are a number of excellent reasons to make a charitable investment with us:

Community Impact: The Community Foundation is local. It is rooted in our community. It is organized and operated so it will always direct the contributions of present and past donors to the needs of this community.

Flexibility: Through the Community Foundation, an individual, family, or company can establish single or multiple funds uniquely tailored to the donor's specific philanthropic interests.

Permanence: If the original purpose of a fund becomes obsolete, the Community Foundation Board has legal authority to redirect the fund to the most closely-related use. This assures donors that the original intent of their fund will be fulfilled despite changing circumstances.

Proactivity: The Community Foundation awards grants to existing charities or organizations. If a need is identified for which no community initiative exists, Community Foundation resources are used to aid an appropriate community response.

Professional, Informed Management: The Community Foundation provides expertise in investment and administration; achieving high returns and significant economies of scale that permits the maximum return to charities and philanthropic causes.


The Community Foundation of Jackson County offers a wide variety of ways for you to give, or to name a beneficiary of a charitable fund. Since we are also recognized as a public charity, donors can consider all gifts and donations as tax deductible and are protected to the maximum extent of tax law. Best of all, once you have established your charitable fund, you can add to it in any dollar amount over time.   

You can read more about some of the flexible giving options for your selected charity below. If you still have questions about your options, one of our staff members will be happy to schedule an in-person interview with you and your financial advisor to discuss the best courses of action.

Giving to Our Unrestricted Endowment: This is our general fund. Each year, we spend the earnings from this fund to award grants to non-profit organizations that serve Jackson County. There are many, many more needs than we can meet with our current funding. Your gift would help us meet community needs for years to come.

Creating a Field of Interest Fund: You tell us what you want to fund, whether it’s programs for children, libraries, the arts or education. We would hold your money as a fund, spending only the proceeds each year, and award grants based on your charitable ambitions. Your money would live on forever, giving out grants every year.

Creating a Select Organization Fund: You can donate money with us that will fund an annual grant to the same non-profit organization in perpetuity. Whether it’s your church, a school or social service organization, we’ll grow the funds and make the grant for you, every year, forever.

Creating a Scholarship Fund: We have dozens of scholarship funds for students. One special need we’d love to see answered in Jackson County is a scholarship fund for non-traditional students. These are the students who are adults, maybe have a family, and probably need encouragement the most. Consider this option when you are planning for the future.

Making a Gift Annuity: Your Gift Annuity is kept by us and we pay you an annual or quarterly dividend. Upon your death, the money is disbursed to the charity of your choosing.  

Creating a Planned Gift: Planned Gifts generally come through as bequests, based through a number of payment vehicles. These can include: your will or trust, IRA or 401K beneficiary designation, life insurance policy ownership and beneficiary designation, and Charitable Trusts (life income arrangements). Before creating any sort of Planned Gifts, you should always consult with the executor of your estate, financial planner, or our Foundation to ensure proper setup.  

Along with the various giving options that exist through our Foundation, there are also many different types of gifts that can be included in your charitable donation as well. These methods include:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Real Estate and Personal Properties
  • Bequests
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Life Estates
  • Trust Funds
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • And more…

For more information concerning why you should consider investing with us, or to discuss ways to give with The Community Foundation of Jackson County, please contact one of our staff members at 812-523-4483 or contact us by e-mail at